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Welcome to room 13 A.K.A best class in the world! We have a big class room with 27 students in our class. We have a very musical class inspired by our teacher (Mrs Gribben.) We have a different teacher on Wednesdays & Thursdays (Mrs Ollerenshaw) She does P.E. & Art with us. We do this very fun homework called Current Events it involves a group of three. We have 10 questions which have happened in the previous week World-Wide. We start on Monday and mark on Friday. We do Ukulele as a class, we already know how to play C, F, G7 and AM. We've got a lot of tech. We have 3 purple mini ipads, 4 blue mini ipads, 4 normal sized ipads, 1 silver Mac books, 2 mini chrome books and 5 white Mac books. So that's that. by Dylan and Adam.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Futsal Champions

Futsal Champions

Yesterday on the 29th of November we played Futsal in the division 1 final. We played against Fairfield wave. They were the only team we hadn’t beaten. Last week we drew against them 2-2 but this week we beat them 6-2 for the trophy.

They played really well but they didn’t play as a team. They had a major go-to man but we played as one. Cam’s brother Jack, his mum, Andrea and Carter's brother, Fletcher were our coaches. They helped us a lot.
By Corey.

I was keeper for the whole game and they kept passing around us to their go-to man who has a strong shot but somehow I managed to only let him score once. I feel that the main reason we won was because our passing and the fact we played as a unit. I’m really glad we pulled off a victory. By Adam.

On Tuesday we played futsal in the final vs Fairfield Wave. Our coaches for the game were my brother Jack and Carter’s brother Fletcher and of course my super coach
Mum, Andrea. They really helped us in the all the games especially the hard games that we played.
By Cam and Carter.

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