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Welcome to room 13 A.K.A best class in the world! We have a big class room with 27 students in our class. We have a very musical class inspired by our teacher (Mrs Gribben.) We have a different teacher on Wednesdays & Thursdays (Mrs Ollerenshaw) She does P.E. & Art with us. We do this very fun homework called Current Events it involves a group of three. We have 10 questions which have happened in the previous week World-Wide. We start on Monday and mark on Friday. We do Ukulele as a class, we already know how to play C, F, G7 and AM. We've got a lot of tech. We have 3 purple mini ipads, 4 blue mini ipads, 4 normal sized ipads, 1 silver Mac books, 2 mini chrome books and 5 white Mac books. So that's that. by Dylan and Adam.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Special Visitor

Today we had a cute visitor come to Room 13 her name is McSquizzie. She is my mum's guinea pig but she let me bring her come to school and she is being very nice and not biting anyone ;D.  She is five or six years old and guinea pigs live to nine or ten years!!!!!!!!!!! So she is having a long and happy life at my house. Also she loves to eat grass, hay, apple, pear and carrots so she eats a lot of food. But I think the food she likes the most is grass.

By Caitlin

Monday, June 8, 2015

Learning About War

In Room 13 we have been learning about War time. We used our stationery boxes for a War time presentation. We used modelling clay to make people and paint to give our boxes some colour. We researched our own topic and presented the information we found out in our boxes.

By Luke and Alyssa

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hats For Sale

Kate's Grandma crocheted these amazing hats for Room 13 to sell to raise money for Nepal. The hats cost $20  each and there are only 3 left. Be in quick!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


In Room 13 we have been making tiles with our Thursday teacher, Mrs Ollerenshaw. We used clay to mould the Plaster of Paris and let it dry. After that you take the clay off and decorate the tiles. Then you let it

dry and then hang it up. Were really proud of our creations and we love them.
By Corey G and Corey G-D